Visit to California and UC-Berkeley

Last November, me and colleagues of IMR flew to San Francisco to attend a one-week meeting at UC-Berkeley hosted by the Carlson Lab. During this week we stayed at the Berkeley campus and we had the privilege to be side-by-side with a large number of professors, students and postdocs, go to talks, exchange research ideas and experiences and set up future collaborations.


IMR and UC Berkeley team, from left to right: David Villegas-Ríos (IMR), Amanda Faig (UC Berkeley), Sebastian Nusslé (UC Berkeley), Stephanie Carlson (UC Berkeley), Esben M. Olsen (IMR), Albert Fernández-Chacón (IMR) and Even Moland (IMR)


Aftter the meetings, I took 4 days to travel around California with my girlfriend, before leaving the State. We started our tour in San Francisco and drove to Sequoya and Kings Canyon National Park, where we spent 2 days enjoying the landscapes of Sierra Nevada and hiking among the largest trees in the world. On our way back we drove along the coast, from Santa Cruz to San Francisco, stopping at Año Nuevo State Park, where we could watch a group of juvenile Northern elephant seals on the beach.


The Kaweah river, flowing from California’s Sierra Nevada to the Central Valley


Juvenile elephan seals playing, Año Nuevo beach

Such an amazing place! We hope to come back to California soon!

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