Visit to Norway and Flødevigen Research Station

Last week, I flew to Norway to meet my colleagues from the Flødevigen Research Station in Arendal. This was our second meeting after the visit to UC-Berkeley, and we worked on the ideas discussed in November, structuring the future paper coming out from this collaboration between Norway and California, in which I am involved.


View from the Research Station (Flødevigen)

The week was very productive in terms of work. For me it was also an opportunity to come back to the Flødevigen Station, where I worked as a postdoc for 2 years, and catch up with all my former workmates and friends there.


Mykland landscape (lakes, pine forests and prairies)

During the week, I had also time to explore the spectacular Norwegian woods in late spring, booming with plant and animal life. I went to hike with my friend Arne Flor, a local wildlife expert, in the Mykland forest, some kms north of Arendal, a diverse landscape of rocky outcrops, mixed forests, prairies, bogs and lakes. During our hike, we could find a Great spotted woodpecker nest with chicks and several capercaillie droppings, together with a pine marten scat and several signals of moose presence (tracks, excrements and scratched tree bark).

The most amazing think is to find such a wild  and quiet place 30 minutes away from one of the largest cities in Southern Norway! This is a place worth to come back again and again.

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