Storm Petrel Project

Last May I finished my 2-year postdoc contract at University of Oviedo and, soon after it, I joined the Association Bretagne Vivante to work within the framework of a 7-month research project focused on the demography of storm petrel (Hydrobates pelagicus) in the Molène Archipelago (Brittany, France).

The 2nd week of July, I spent 4 days in the island of Banneg, off the coast of Brittany, collecting capture-recapture data on the local storm petrel population (the largest one in France). A large part of the fieldwork consisted in capturing birds returning to the colony at night by means of mist nets located in the central part of the island. We captured around 160 individuals per night, most of them individuals of unknown origin, but also several recaptures of individuals born locally and in other colonies in the Atlantic coast of Spain, Portugal and the British isles.

Until december, my main task will be to analyze all capture recapture data collected on this population since 1997 and build up demographic models to fill knowledge gaps such as juvenile survival estimates and the external factors influencing them.

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