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Manuscript accepted in Ecology and Evolution

Covariate and multinomial: accounting for distance in movement in capture-recapture analyses is a research manuscript 1st authored by Loreleï Guéry and resulting from a collaboration between me, Loreleï and other researchers in France, Canada and Norway was accepted last week … Continue reading

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New office!

I’ve recently moved to Norway with my family due to my wife starting a 2-year postdoc position at the Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis (CEES), within the University of Oslo. From now on, I will be also based at … Continue reading

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Storm Petrel Project

Last May I finished my 2-year postdoc contract at University of Oviedo and, soon after it, I joined the Association Bretagne Vivante to work within the framework of a 7-month research project focused on the demography of storm petrel (Hydrobates pelagicus) … Continue reading

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New research paper accepted at CJFAS

On August, a manuscript written by Dr. Jason Hwan and coauthored by myself and colleagues in France and the US was accepted at Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (check it online here). In this research, I participated in … Continue reading

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WCNRM Barcelona 2017

Last week, I travelled to Barcelona to participate at the World Conference on Natural Resource Modelling (WCNRM) where I gave a talk about my past research in Norway regarding population dynamics of European lobster inside and outside MPAs and presented … Continue reading

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River ecology class fieldwork

This month I have done some hours of teaching at the University, which involved going with the students to 2 mountain rivers in northern Spain as part of their river ecology class. During the field trips, the students learned how … Continue reading

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New publication at CJFAS

Recently, a paper authored by myself and colleagues from IMR has seen the light at the Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. This research focuses on the mortality causes of coastal Atlantic cod in Skagerrak (Southern Norway), using a … Continue reading

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BEFISH-UCBerkeley collaboration

Originally posted on BE-FISH Marie Curie Project:
This week has been very intense and productive for the BE-FISH team. We have been meeting and working together with Prof. Stephanie Carlson from UC Berkeley and Albert Fernández Chacón from University of…

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Visit to Norway and Flødevigen Research Station

Last week, I flew to Norway to meet my colleagues from the Flødevigen Research Station in Arendal. This was our second meeting after the visit to UC-Berkeley, and we worked on the ideas discussed in November, structuring the future paper … Continue reading

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Starting a new Postdoc!

On June 1st, I joined the Biodiversity Research Unit at the Oviedo University Campus in Mieres (Spain), as a Postdoctoral Fellow (Juan de la Cierva-Formación). This will be my professional location for the next 2 years. More news soon!

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